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  • Congessional Courtesy - 1099 Tax bill (H.R. 5141)

    In a surprise show of political gamesmanship, the Democrat Majority brought Congressman Dan Lungren's (R-Gold River-CA) 1099 tax bill - The Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act (H.R.5141) - to the floor for consideration. Unfortunately, they attached it to another bill -- The Small Business Tax Relief Act (H.R.5982) - which contains job killing provisions and would increase taxes by $19.4 billion dollars over 10 years. Lungren did not vote in favor of H.R. 5982.

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  • Repeal the Universal Snitch Act

    Dan Lungren (R-Gold River-CA) spoke to Congress about repealing Section 9006 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This section requires all businesses, small and large, to file 1099 forms to the IRS for every business to business transaction of more than $600. This misguided provision will certainly increase costs for all small businesses.

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  • Cocaine Sentencing Reform

    Congressman Dan Lungren (R-Gold River-CA) addressed Congress today on the issue of changing the crack cocaine sentencing laws –which he supports - to reflect a fairer treatment of the problem.

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