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As a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Congresswoman Napolitano is committed to building a safe and functional transportation system that will create jobs and lay the foundation for future economic growth.

Napolitano strongly supports the Surface Transportation Authorization Act of 2009, a bill that would provide $50 billion to relieve urban congestion, upgrade the I-5 freeway, and improve the Alameda Corridor East (ACE) freight corridor, which runs from Los Angeles through Montebello to Pomona. In addition to making traffic faster-moving and more efficient, the bill includes provisions to make our air cleaner, reduce traffic noise, and improve safety on our roads and railways.

Napolitano supported the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, passed February of 2009, which set aside approximately $3.64 billion for highways, local streets, freight and passenger rail, port infrastructure, and transit projects in the state of California. These projects will create thousands of jobs and establish an efficient transportation system to support our economy for years to come.

In 2008, Napolitano co-sponsored the Federal Railroad Safety Improvement Act. This bill had a dramatic impact on the safety of trains all around the country, including the 160 trains that pass through the 38th District every day. The act required Positive Train Control (PTC) technology to be installed on all major freight and passenger railroads by 2015, which will allow trains to automatically detect and prevent collisions before they occur. This failsafe will help prevent tragic accidents like the Metrolink crash that took place in 2008. The bill also improved train safety by giving railroad inspectors more rigorous training, establishing rail safety awareness programs, and ensuring that all trains coming into the United States from Mexico meet U.S. safety standards.

Also in 2008, Napolitano secured $380 million for intercity passenger rail. High traffic lines like the Pacific Surfliner line that runs from San Diego to San Luis Obispo via Los Angeles are being improved, and funding has been provided for California’s new high speed rail system. By relieving these “choke points” in our transportation system, Napolitano has helped to reduce slowdowns and delays that cost our communities time and money.

In previous years, Napolitano has steadily worked to improve transportation in the 38th District. She has helped expand public transportation by securing $3.6 million for the Metro Gold Line rail system, $4.5 million for a larger, more fuel-efficient bus fleet, and $2.5 million for park and ride facilities for commuters. She has helped to improve efficiency and reduce travel times on our roadways by securing $126.5 million to upgrade the Alameda Corridor East freight corridor, $700,000 for the expansion of I-5 between I-710 and SR-9, and $450,000 to repave Rosemead Boulevard in Pico Rivera.

As part of a long-term project to improve safety, Napolitano has secured funding for grade separations throughout the 38th District. Grade separations move train tracks above or below local roads at the places where they intersect, reducing the number of railroad crossings and the traffic delays and potential accidents that come with them. With this goal in mind, Napolitano has secured $1.25 million for grade separations on SR-71 in the city of Pomona, funded many other grade separations throughout the district, and has made the clear division between train tracks and roadways an integral part the Alameda Corridor East freight corridor renovation.

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