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Social Security

Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitano understands that our nation’s senior citizens are depending on Social Security to fulfill its promise, and that our nation’s workers are depending on Social Security to be strong and stable when they retire. During the Bush Administration, there was much discussion among congressional Republicans about privatizing Social Security — putting taxpayer money in risky investments and hoping for the best. Napolitano believed it is unconscionable to play Russian roulette with taxpayer money and retirees economic security, a position that was proven correct during the financial crisis of 2008.

Social Security is not perfect, but it is also not in the grave danger that some politicians want the public to believe. Social Security is projected to have enough assets to pay 100% of benefits until 2042. Even then, incoming revenues will be enough to pay more than 70% of benefits for decades to come. Congresswoman Napolitano knows that this is not enough. We need to strengthen the system so that it remains strong for our children and grandchildren. 

Medicare and Prescription Drugs:

Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitano is committed to providing seniors with an affordable, comprehensive prescription drug benefit through Medicare. She opposed the House Republican plan to force seniors into private insurance plans and HMOs in order to receive prescription drug coverage. Seniors depend upon Medicare, and the Congresswoman believes we need to make sure that Medicare meets their needs instead of pulling it out from under our seniors and leaving them in the hands of insurance companies that are free to raise costs at any time.

Congresswoman Napolitano will continue to fight for a meaningful Medicare prescription drug benefit that will help alleviate seniors high drug costs without restricting their access to healthcare.

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