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Homeland Security & Defense

Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitano remains committed to providing municipalities, law enforcement officials, firefighters, healthcare workers and other first responders the federal funding they need to protect our communities and respond to potential terrorist threats and attacks. She is extremely concerned that local cities still have not received any federal moneys for homeland security. Not only have insufficient funds been allocated for localities, but even the funds slated to go to cities have been tied up in the bureaucracy of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Napolitano will continue working to ensure that entities within the 38th district get their fair share of these funds and that funds are distributed in an efficient manner.

Regional Disaster Coordination

The Pomona Fairplex is working to be designated as a Regional Disaster Coordination & Staging Center for Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. The center would serve as a regional “one stop shop” in the event of an attack or disaster, where residents could receive the response services they need. The Congresswoman is working with the Fair Association, a group of outstanding community volunteers elected to manage the Fairplex, and Los Angeles County to help them secure Department of Homeland Security funding to improve their facilities and coordinate their disaster plan with other authorities.

Emergency Communications

Local emergency communication systems are still in desperate need of improvement. Police in Pomona cannot even communicate within their own personnel in many parts of the city due to their antiquated 35-year-old system, which produces “dead zones,” or areas in which all communication is lost. Napolitano has already secured $150,000 to begin upgrading the system, and is working to secure additional funds. The new system will connect multiple independent municipal radio systems into a regional network through ten channels. The improved technology will provide direct and uninterrupted communication access among each city’s public safety and emergency personnel; and allow communications with the other city departments that need to respond to regional as well as local incidents and disasters.


The Congresswoman is working with the Regional Health Occupation Resource Center (RHORC), based at Mt. San Antonio College, to secure funding for 108 community colleges in California to provide training on responding to a bioterrorist attack.

In 2003, Congresswoman Napolitano worked to bring $3 million in funding to the California Department of Justice for the development of a California Anti-Terrorism info center.

During 2004, Congresswoman Napolitano helped establish $5 million in funds for the Department of Defense to use in conjunction with United Technologies, a local firm that will develop the Chemical Biological Monitoring Systems for the DoD. 

For 2005, Congresswoman Napolitano achieved significant funding for local defense and homeland security projects, including: $1 million for construction of a 53 foot by 23 foot wind tunnel for aero engineering department research at the Cal Poly Pomona campus, $3 million to local firm Acorn Technologies for manufacturing stainless steel plumbing fixtures for naval fleets, and $1 million to Goodrich for an increase to produce composite exhaust nozzle lining material.

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