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Medicaid and CHIP:

Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitan is committed to preserving the Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and expanding these crucial programs to ensure that they serve all those low-income individuals who need help to access and afford healthcare.

With state and local budgets in deep deficits, communities in the 38th congressional district need increased Medicaid funding now, and they cannot afford to mortgage their future in order to get it. The number of uninsured individuals continues to rise as more and more people lose their jobs and, along with them, their employer-sponsored health coverage. Now is the time we need to be investing more money in our healthcare safety net. Until state and local economies get back on their feet, the federal government must pick up the slack and ensure access to healthcare.

This issue is of particular importance in Los Angeles County, where the county public health system continues to face budgetary problems. Additional federal funding bought some time and prevented more immediate closures. However, Medicaid cuts down the road will place an increased burden on our already strapped public and private non-profit clinics and hospitals. Congresswoman Napolitano will continue to work closely with other Members of Congress throughout the budget and appropriations processes to prevent these cuts.

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