Meet the Clerk

Meet the Clerk

The Clerk is the chief legislative official of the House- which means that the Clerk maintains records and oversees the legislative activities of the House of Representatives. The job was created by the Founding Fathers. In fact, it was written into the Constitution that the House should have people around to keep everything running smoothly. One of those people is the Clerk.

The Clerk serves a two-year term and is elected by the Members of the House of Representatives at the beginning of each new Congress. The Clerk has no power over making laws.

The Clerk Today

Lorraine C. Miller is the 35th Clerk of the House of Representatives. She is the first African-American and third woman to serve as a House Officer. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Ms. Miller attended North Texas State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. She also graduated from Georgetown School of Business with an executive master’s degree before being elected Clerk in 2007.