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Dreier Blasts Dem Plan to Hold Completely Closed Vote to Increase Taxes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                    CONTACT:  Jo Maney (202-226-2006)

December 1, 2010                                 


Dreier Blasts Dem Plan to Hold Completely Closed Vote to Increase Taxes 

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman David Dreier (R-CA), House Rules Committee Ranking Republican, sharply criticized the Democratic Leadership’s plan to hold a completely closed vote to increase taxes on families and small businesses.  

“The American people have demanded openness and economic solutions.  Instead, the Democrats will vote to increases taxes on families and small businesses and at the same time, shut out the bipartisan majority that opposes tax hikes on any American.  This is exactly what the American people voted against last month - bad policy put forward under a closed process.  Taxpayers get it.  Small businesses get it.  It’s clear the Democratic Leadership does not.” 


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