Important Issues Facing Maine's 1st District

Health care reform

People talk to me about health care more than any other issue. I often say that if it’s not the first concern people mention to me, it’s definitely the second. 

Learn about my principles for health reform, and what I'm working on in Congress on this issue.

A clean energy future

We are at an historic moment – we are beginning to make real investments in energy technologies that will both stimulate the growth of a green economy and protect the environment.

Read more about renewable energy and the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.

Caring for our Veterans

We must provide for those who willingly put themselves in harm's way in the defense of our every day freedoms.  I am committed to providing our troops with the resources they need to do their jobs, during peacetime and war. 

Read more about my work to care for Maine's veterans

Credit Card Reform

The Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights, which goes into effect on Feburary 22, 2010, provides new protections for credit cardholders and creates new rules that protect American consumers from these practices.

Read about the new credit card rules

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