Rural America



Small businesses play a vital role in rural America’s economy. With nearly one quarter of Americans living in rural areas, small businesses create roughly two-thirds of rural jobs.  These small businesses are necessary in order for rural America to be able to grow and flourish. 

Small businesses in rural America face different challenges than those in metropolitan areas. Small businesses and farms in rural communities have a harder time accessing technology, transportation, and services. These issues can create barriers for rural small businesses that make it harder to compete with larger businesses in more urban areas. Additional challenges faced by rural small businesses include poor infrastructure that can prevent expansion; problems accessing affordable, reliable energy; the loss of skilled workers to higher paying jobs in metropolitan areas; and fewer opportunities to access capital.  Congress must focus on helping rural small businesses overcome these challenges.

In 2009, Ranking Member Sam Graves became co-chair of the Rural America Solutions Group along with Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Doc Hastings, Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Frank Lucas. To read more about the group, click here.