Legislative Resources

Legislative Resources


I have created this legislative resources section 1) to provide an overview of some of my key legislative priorities 2) to provide resources that may assist you in navigating through the federal government and 3) to provide a resource for learning more about how our government works.


1) Legislative Priorities:  H.R. 25, the FairTax and H.R. 135, the 21st Century Water Commission Act


2) Resources:  Congressional Research Service Guide to "Grants Information for Constituents"


3) The United States Governement and Legislative Process:  The “Clickable Organization Chart” below has been created to serve as a starting point for understanding the legislative process and the foundation of our government.  I hope that this section will assist you in gaining a greater understanding of the background and origins of our government, some of the positions that government servants hold, the committees of the United States House of Representatives, and the procedures that encompass our legislative process.  There are great lessons to be learned from our Constitution which divided the government into the executive, judicial and legislative branches, serves as the supreme law of the land and has influenced countless constitutions across the world.


You may be interested to know that, on January 4, 2005, the House of Representatives created its newest Committee, voting to create a permanent standing Committee on Homeland Security.


Click on each item within the Organization Chart to learn more about our government and the leaders who manage the flow of legislation in the United States Congress: