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Committee on Rules Legislative Process Program
111th Congress

Overview of the Program

The primary mission of this program is to provide House Members and staff with practical information on the rules, procedures, and general operations of the House of Representatives.  The program draws heavily from two well respected institutions: the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and the Office of the House Parliamentarian.  Program seminars are conducted by employees of these offices as well as by current and former House committee and leadership staff.  Classes are shorter than traditional CRS courses offered on similar topics (lasting about an hour), the focus is generally on the House, and no registration or prerequisites are required.  Presentations are meant to be informal with a great deal of audience participation.

Topic Overview

After a brief introduction, four main topics are covered as follows:

  • Drafting, Introduction and Bill Referral;
  • The Committee System and the Federal Budget Process;
  • House Floor Procedure and Rules; and
  • The Senate, the Executive Branch and Congressional Oversight

A series of classes will be conducted on sub-topics of each of these broad categories and two videos, produced by Walter Oleszek of CRS, are available on this website to illustrate the hearing process and floor procedures.  These videos and other seminar materials can be accessed by clicking the “Reports” link at the top of this page.  Materials from previous years can be accessed in the “Additional Resources” section. 

Should you have any questions regarding the Legislative Process Program, please contact Rules Committee Staff at 202-225-9091.