“I think that initially I was just so excited about being able to go and do this that it wasn’t until all of the press stuff started to happen that I realized people were really interested, and when I got to Washington, people were sending me news clips from the newspapers all across the country. And that’s when it hit me how the media makes it so public that everybody was aware of it, and it was a buzz because it was a first. And people did pay attention to it. And it was also, in the time, and this was 35 years ago, where women were making firsts. The whole opportunity for women was different. So, yes, I became more aware of it as it happened, as it unrolled, than before I did it.”
Felda Looper, May 21, 2007

Image courtesy of Felda Looper, provided by Office of History and Preservation, Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives