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  2009 Press Releases

12/30/09 - MEDIA ADVISORY: U.S. House Judiciary Detroit Field Hearing on Football Head Injuries

12/22/09 - Conyers Releases CRS Report on ACORN

12/16/09 - Conyers, Lungren, Jackson Lee, and Hastings Introduce National Emancipation Commemoration Act of 2009

12/11/09 - Conyers Praises Compromise on Auto Dealer Agreements

12/07/09 - Conyers and Eight Others Introduce Amendment to Provide Mortgage Modification Relief to Struggling Homeowners

12/03/09 - MEDIA ADVISORY: House Judiciary Committee Briefing on Solutions to the Indigent Defense Crisis

11/05/09 - Judiciary Passes PATRIOT Act Amendments; Reauthorizes Needed Provisions While Protecting Privacy and Freedom

10/28/09 - Conyers Applauds Enactment of Hate Crimes Prevention Act

10/21/09 - Conyers Statement on FCC Net Neutrality Rulemaking

10/21/09 - Conyers Applauds Bipartisan Passage of Health Insurance Industry Antitrust Enforcement Act

10/20/09 - Conyers, Nadler and Scott: Reform Patriot Act, Fight Terrorism While Protecting our Civil Liberties

10/15/09 - Conyers Statement on Muslim-American Congressional Interns

10/08/09 - Conyers: Recent Supreme Court Civil Rights Decisions are Headed in the Wrong Direction

10/02/09 - Conyers Plans Hearings on NFL Player Injuries

10/01/09 - Conyers Applauds New Patent Examiner Count System

9/17/09 - Conyers, Johnson, DeGette Introduce Legislation to End Antitrust Exemption for Health Insurers

9/17/09 - Conyers Begins Investigation of Bank Industry’s Failure to Help Families Avoid Foreclosure

9/16/09 - Judiciary Passes Conyers’ Satellite TV Reform Legislation

9/09/09 - Conyers: Public Option is a Necessary Component of Health Care Reform

9/03/09 - Conyers: Get Politics Out of Torture Probe

8/24/09 - Conyers and Nadler Applaud Appointment of Special Prosecutor

Policymakers and Lawyers Must Also Be Held to Account

8/11/09 - House Judiciary Committee Releases Rove and Miers Interview Transcripts and Over 5,400 Pages of Bush White House Documents

Conyers: White House "Driving Force" Behind US Attorney Firings

7/29/09 - Conyers Bill Passes to End Crack Cocaine Sentencing Disparity

7/28/09 - Conyers: Sharp Increase in Medical Bankruptcies Requires Immediate Action on Health Insurance Reform Legislation

7/27/09 - Conyers Dismayed by Rise in Medical Bankruptcies

Elizabeth Edwards to Testify at Tuesday Hearing

7/24/09 - Conyers Calls for Review of Arbitron Portable People Meters

7/10/09 - Conyers: IG Report Shows Bush Broke the Law, Personally Authorizing the Warrantless Surveillance Program

6/16/09 - Conyers Insists Meaningful Mortgage Relief Must Be Included in Financial Regulatory Reform Plan

6/16/09 - Conyers and Smith Announce Bipartisan Reform Plan for Cable and Satellite Television

6/04/09 - Conyers Critical of State Secrets Privilege Use

6/04/09 - Conyers and Shuster Introduce Credit Card Fair Fee Act

5/29/09 - Conyers Hosts Performance Rights Town Hall in Detroit

5/29/09 - Conyers Insists GM Should Remain in Detroit

5/19/09 - Conyers Advances Legislation to Protect Minority Broadcasters While Compensating Performers

5/14/09 - Conyers and Cohen Announce Deferred Prosecution Hearing

5/04/09 - Conyers, Berman, Nadler, Delahunt Request Torture Dissent Memo

4/28/09 - Judiciary Democrats Call for Special Counsel on Torture

4/21/09 - House Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearings on Torture Memos

4/17/09 - Conyers: There Is Only One Way To Prevent Torture

4/16/09 - Conyers Praises Release of Shocking Interrogation Memos, Critical Questions Concerning Legal Accountability Remain

4/16/09 - Judiciary Democrats Express Alarm over Wiretapping Abuse, Plan Additional Oversight

4/02/09 - Conyers and Smith Hail Patent Reform Progress

4/02/09 - Judiciary Chairman Conyers Publishes Report Documenting Bush Abuses

3/25/09 - Bipartisan Group of Judiciary Committee Members File Supreme Court Brief in Support of Voting Rights Act

3/20/09 - Judiciary Committee Announces Plan to Fight Fraud and Protect Taxpayers

3/05/09 - Conyers Mortgage Relief Measure Passes House

3/04/09 - House Judiciary Committee Secures Rove and Miers Testimony in U.S. Attorney Firings

2/12/09 - Judiciary Committee Members Call for Investigation of Sheriff Arpaio’s Disregard for Rights of Hispanic Residents

2/04/09 - Conyers, Issa Introduce Bipartisan Performance Rights Legislation

Companion Legislation Introduced Today In Senate

1/27/09 - Judiciary Committee Approves Mortgage Bankruptcy Measure

1/26/09 - Conyers Subpoenas Karl Rove: "It’s Time to Talk"

1/13/09 - Judiciary Chairman Conyers Issues Report Documenting Bush Abuses, Calling For Further Committee Investigation, Blue-Ribbon Panel, and Criminal Probes

1/13/09 - Conyers: "IG Confirms My Worst Fears"

Conyers Calls On New Administration to Radically Reform Justice Department Civil Rights Division

1/09/09 - Conyers, Lofgren: Mukasey Slams the Door on Immigrants on the Way Out

1/06/09 - Conyers Introduces Six Bills at the Start of the 111th Congress

1/06/09 - House Judiciary Members Introduce Mortgage Bankruptcy Legislation