Contact a 7th District Caseworker

PHASE 4: Contact a 7th District Caseworker in My Office and Open a Case
If the step-by-step casework procedures or the agency web sites were unable to answer all of your questions, I am pleased to have a number of caseworkers available in my District Office ready to assist you in contacting a federal agency on your behalf.  While I cannot order an agency to decide a matter in your favor, I can try to cut through the red tape and get an answer for you.  The following steps will begin the official Federal casework process for you:
Step 1: Privacy Act Authorization and Release Form Completion
Because of the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act, it will be necessary for you to click here to complete a Privacy Act Authorization and Release Form.  It is vital that you clearly describe your problem and include all pertinent information regarding your situation (previous contacts with the agency, case numbers, paperwork filed to date, etc.)
Step 2: Assemble All Relevant Documents
Supporting documentation is critical to proving any case.  Please compile any documents that you believe will assist us in proving your case to a Federal agency, including, for example, letters between you and the agency in question, medical forms, or any information that may advance the case.
Step 3: Contact My Office
If you have completed the authorization form and have all relevant documents ready for review, please mail or fax copies of the information to the following address:
Mailing Address:
Office of Representative John Linder
1026 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-1007
Fax: 770-232-2909
Phone: 770-232-3005