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Congressional schedules indicate what the House and Senate intend to discuss or bring to the floor on a particular day. Schedules differ from calendars, which consist of lists of measures that are eligible for floor consideration. Calendars do not indicate when or if a measure will be considered.


Senate Schedules

Current Floor Schedule

Legislative Schedule for 2010

Committee Schedules

Find out what committees are meeting today. You can also check each committee's home page.

Senate Committee Meetings Schedule

House Committee Meetings Schedule

Recess and Adjournment

These terms are used to describe periods of time when the Senate, House, or both chambers are not in session. Each has varying meaning, depending on the context.


Adjourn for more than 3 days

Adjournment Sine Die


History of the August Recess

The August Recess, August 6, 1971

Recess and Adjournment:  FAQ from C-SPAN

House Schedules

Current Floor Schedule

Legislative Schedule

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