News Release

Spratt Supports Van Hollen for Budget Ranking Member

November 10, 2010

I am writing to state my enthusiastic support for Chris Van Hollen as Ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee in the 112th Congress.  The Budget Committee has been a place where Democrats reconcile our core values with our commitment to fiscal responsibly.  The budget resolution is the one opportunity we have to show support for our party’s policies across the spectrum.  Passing a resolution calls for a leader who has the confidence of all elements of our caucus.  Chris Van Hollen enjoys such respect.

Through his work in the Democratic leadership and on the Ways and Means Committee, Chris has demonstrated his dedication to our values as well as his knowledge of the issues. 

The Budget Committee will play a critical role in the 112th Congress, as it addresses issues in a fiscal environment that is strained, to say the least.  Chris Van Hollen is more than up to that challenge, and I am pleased to see him seek the position. 

He has my unqualified support for ranking member, and I hope he will have yours.