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CAO named by Washingtonian magazine as a "Great Place to Work" in 2009

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the House of Representatives, Dan Beard, announced today that the organization was named one of the top 50 “Great Places to Work” by Washingtonian magazine for the second time.
The selection process is based on the assessment of several important elements of workplace culture, including: staff relationships, pay and benefits and employee development. Using information gathered from a self-nomination application process, and random employee surveys, the Washingtonian emphasizes their commitment to selecting offices with truly exemplary workplace culture.

“This award affirms that the hard work my staff and I put into supporting this great institution does not go unnoticed, but contributes to our excellence as an organization,” said Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard. “That excellence means we can serve Members of Congress and their staffs — our constituents — that much better.”

“To know that people want to come to work is a rewarding feeling and validates our organization’s focus on creating a healthy, productive and diverse workplace.” said Kathy Wyszynski, Senior Advisor for the CAO.

The CAO continues its commitment to improving the workplace daily. By emphasizing the importance of staff satisfaction, the organization is making strides to continue as a leader in workplace success.

In the spirit of this commitment, the CAO has been working to provide greater benefits to the people it serves. Annual leave enhancements have been made for all employees. In addition, the Family and Medical Leave Policy now provides six weeks of paid leave and employees coping with a death can request administrative leave for up to five days. A leave share program allows for employees without annual sick leave to receive time if needed. 

Jeff Ventura
Director of Communications
Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
U.S. House of Representatives