United States Senate Special Committee on Aging

Social Security Reform

Social Security is an enormously successful and important program that keeps millions of seniors out of poverty and provides a sense of security to all Americans. More than just a retirement program, Social Security is a collective insurance policy, protecting us all from the possibility that we die young and leave a family behind, become disabled and unable to work, or even live into a ripe old age and beyond our savings.

As Social Security nears its 75th anniversary, it is time to take a fresh look at the retirement program to ensure that it will be just as strong in another 75 years.  Social Security can be strengthened, benefits for those who need them most can be increased, and long-term solvency can be ensured with just a few, small common-sense changes. 

With an urgent need to contain the federal deficit, there is no doubt that sometime soon all eyes will turn to Social Security.  When that time comes, this committee wants to be prepared to act as a repository of ideas for reform proposals. If you are interested in submitting policy proposals, please contact the Special Committee on Aging at (202) 224-5364. We will post some of those we receive here.

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