Frequently Asked Questions about Hearings

Are committee meetings open to the public? Are tickets required? Can seats be reserved?

Yes, all committee meetings are open to the public unless specifically noted otherwise. A meeting might be closed for a briefing on classified materials, but that is extremely unusual. No, tickets are not required though seating is very limited; seat reservations are not available. And, all committee meetings are televised live on the House cable TV system and live via web casts; see our schedule page. An archive of recent committee web casts is available; see: our hearings page.

Where are Budget Committee meetings held? How far in advance are committee meetings announced?

A. All committee meetings are held in room 210 of the Cannon House Office Building unless specifically noted otherwise. The Cannon building is located at the Capitol South Metro. Committee rules require that a hearing be announced one week in advance and a markup be announced 24 hours in advance.

Where can I find a list of Committee members?

A list of committee members is available at: Members of the Committee on the Budget or from the About Us link at the top left of this page. A link from the bottom of the Membership page will show a list of all past members since the Committee was created.

Is photography allowed during Committee meetings?

Flash photography is not permitted after the meeting begins. No one, except committee staff and members, is permitted above the steps or behind the committee members. Audio and Video recordings are available from the committee hearings page.

How do I get a transcript of a committee meeting?

Members and witnesses are given time to correct transcription errors, to make submissions for the record, or to respond to questions for the record. Once those edits are completed we print the transcript and the official transcript is available for free from the committee hearings page or from the Government Printing Office. We go to press as soon as we receive the corrections. An unofficial transcript is available for a fee from CQ Transcripts approximately 24-72 hours after the committee meeting. Factiva, Lexis/Nexis, and WestLaw can be used to access this unofficial transcript. If you do not subscribe to these services, you can get free access to them from many public libraries.

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