History and Jurisdiction

On December 4, 1941, the U. S. House of Representatives created the first House Select Committee on Small Business in response to a growing number of small business activists and organizations advocating for more protections and better government policies for America’s small businesses. While it had no legislative authority, the select committee became popular with House members and was reauthorized every following Congress until January 5, 1975, when it was made a permanent standing committee. House members then granted the new standing committee with certain areas of legislative jurisdiction and oversight functions, increasing its scope and influence.

Specifically, the House Small Business Committee is charged with assessing and investigating the problems of small businesses and examining the impact of general business practices and trends on small businesses. The Committee has oversight and legislative authority over the Small Business Administration (SBA) and its programs and provides protection for small businesses.

The House Small Business Committee in the 111th Congress consists of 29 members; 12 Republicans and 17 Democrats.