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  2010 Press Releases

12/01/10 - Conyers Applauds Bill Prohibiting Importation of Asian Carp

Protecting the Great Lakes Environment and Economy

12/01/10 - Conyers Presses the DOJ and FTC on Lack of Health Care Antitrust Enforcement

11/30/10 - Conyers: Black Farmers' Claim should Have Been Settled Years Ago

As Well as the Latino and Women Farmers' Cases

11/19/10 - Judiciary Committee Demands Answers from DOJ on Religious Discrimination in Federally Funded Employment

11/11/10 - Conyers Urges DOJ to Review Waterboarding Ordered by Bush

11/10/10 - Conyers: Appalled by Bush Torture Admission and DOJ Failure to Prosecute; Congressional Investigation to Continue

10/18/10 - Conyers and Johnson Applaud DOJ's Push to Stop Blue Cross Blue Shield from Monopolizing Health Insurance in Michigan

10/07/10 - Conyers Supports President's Decision to Forgo Signing Notarization Bill into Law in Midst of Widening Foreclosure Problems

9/24/10 - Conyers: Facts Don’t Square with GOP Claims on Immigration
No one Wants to Do Stoop Farm Labor

9/15/10 - Conyers' Bill Protecting Workers and Retirees Passes Judiciary Panel

8/30/10 - Judiciary Committee Releases New Gulf Coast Claims Process Information

8/19/10 - Conyers: How Many More Mothers Have to Bury Their Children Before We Close the Gun Show Loophole?

8/11/10 - Conyers Announces FBI Review of Detroit Police Shooting of 7-Year-Old; DOJ Promises Aggressive Action

8/06/10 - Conyers Celebrates Kagan, the 100th Associate Supreme Court Justice and 4th Woman in History to Serve on Court

7/28/10 - Conyers Applauds Reforming the Unjust Crack-Cocaine Sentencing Disparity

7/27/10 - Conyers, Nadler, and Scott Call for Federal Study of Indigent Defense Crisis

7/21/10 - Conyers on U.S. Attorney Firings: Politics at Play; Bush Officials at Fault

7/21/10 - Conyers Applauds the Signing of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
Signing into Law Stronger Oversight and Greater Transparency of the U.S. Financial System

7/15/10 - Conyers, Nadler Introduce Legislation to End Racial Profiling

7/15/10 - Conyers Releases Committee Interview of Torture Memo Author Bybee and Sends to Justice Department

Bybee: "CIA did not have an opinion from OLC" when it exceeded limits in interrogation memos

7/01/10 - House Passes Conyers Oil Spill Liability Bill; Ensures Justice for Disaster Victims

6/24/10 - Conyers Applauds Passage of DISCLOSE Act

6/23/10 - Judiciary Panel Passes SPILL Act to Bring Liability Laws to the 21st Century

6/22/10 - Conyers and Smith Welcome IPEC Report and Urge IPEC Be Given Sufficient Resources

6/18/10 - BP's Claims Process Still Falls Short

6/10/10 - Conyers and Melancon Introduce SPILL Act

Address Legal Liability Issues Arising from Gulf Coast Oil Catastrophe

6/09/10 - Conyers Proposes Judiciary Committee Initiatives Related to Oil Spill

6/03/10 - MEDIA ADVISORY: A Dialogue on the State Public Defense Crisis & the Federal Response

5/28/10 - Conyers Seeks Answers from Facebook and Google on Privacy Issues

5/26/10 - Conyers and Johnson: More Answers Needed from Continental and United

5/20/10 - Conyers Pushes for Testing of All Rape Kits Collected by Police

5/19/10 - Conyers Announces Judiciary Committee Investigation into Oil Spill Liability

5/18/10 - Conyers and Smith Introduce Patent and Trademark Office Funding Stabilization Act

4/28/10 - Conyers Calls for a Reduction in Credit Card Fees

4/14/10 - Conyers: FBI Broke the Law and General Counsel’s Office, Headed by Valerie Caproni, Sanctioned It and Must Face Consequences

3/30/10 - Conyers, Scott, Nadler Plan Hearings on Communications Privacy Reform

3/24/10 - Conyers' Statement Regarding Legal Basis of Health Care Reform

3/04/10 - House Members React to Senate Judiciary Committee Draft for Patent Reform

3/01/10 - Chairman Conyers Writes to National Archives On Missing Yoo, OLC E-mails

2/24/10 - Conyers Repeal of Health Insurance Antitrust Exemption Wins Overwhelmingly

2/19/10 - Conyers Releases Report on Torture Lawyers; Plans Hearings;

2/18/10 - Conyers Applauds Settlement of Pigford Case; Justice Finally Reaches Black Farmers

2/01/10 - Conyers Demands Rigorous Investigation of Imam Shooting

1/28/10 - Conyers, Johnson: Comcast/NBCU Deal Must Protect Diversity, Independent Programming and Consumers

1/25/10 - Forum on Head and Other Sports Injuries in Youth, High School, College and Professional Football

1/25/10 - Forum on Head and Other Sports Injuries in Youth, High School, and Collegiate Football

1/20/10 - Conyers Slams FBI for Spying on Reporters and Surveillance Abuses

1/15/10 - Foreclosure Relief — A Call for Judicial Mortgage Modification

1/15/10 - Conyers and 80 Members Make Bipartisan Call for Haiti Temporary Protected Status

1/13/10 - Conyers Calls On Civil Rights Division to Review Abdullah Shooting and FBI Infiltration of Mosques

1/08/10 - Judiciary Chairmen Release GAO Report on Criminal Corporate Settlement Agreements

1/07/10 - Conyers Calls for Civil Rights Division to Review Abdullah Shooting and FBI Infiltration of Mosques

1/06/10 - House Judiciary Committee Announces Houston Forum on Head Injuries in Football