US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions


12/01/10 Full Committee Hearing PBGC: Is Stronger Management and Oversight Needed?
12/01/10 Executive Session S. 3817, S 3.199, S. 3036, S. 1275, H.R. 2941, and Nominations
11/18/10 Subcommittee Hearing The State of the American Child: Securing Our Children’s Future
10/07/10 Full Committee Hearing The Wobbly Stool: Retirement (In)security in America
09/30/10 Full Committee Hearing The Federal Investment in For-Profit Education: Are Students Succeeding?
09/23/10 Executive Session S. 3751, Nominations, and Subcommittee Assignments
08/26/10 Full Committee Field Hearing Investing in American Workers: The Benefits of Expanding Employee Ownership
08/24/10 Full Committee Field Hearing Innovative Approaches to School Time
08/04/10 Full Committee Hearing For-Profit Schools: The Student Recruitment Experience
07/29/10 Executive Session Nominations
07/29/10 Subcommittee Hearing The State of the American Child: The Impact of Federal Policies on Children
07/26/10 Full Committee Field Hearing Emergency Response in the Marcellus Shale Region
07/26/10 Subommittee Field Hearing State of the American Child: What’s Working for Connecticut’s Children
07/23/10 Full Committee Field Hearing ESEA Reauthorization: Rural High School Reform
07/22/10 Subcommittee Hearing Workplace Safety and Worker Protections at BP