November 15, 2010

This week, Congress will reconvene for a “lame duck” session where it will consider another giant omnibus spending package in lieu of passing a budget for FY2011. Rather than submit to this massive piece of spending legislation, I, along with 67 (and counting) of my conservative colleagues are opting for a more responsible solution known as H.J.Res. 96. This joint resolution would provide a full-year continuing resolution (CR) that would protect defense and veteran spending while returning all non-military discretionary funding to FY2008 levels. H.J.Res. 96 would also defun...



Approximately 10 million American seniors get their health care through Medicare Advantage plans. Do you support the President’s plan to cut Medicare Advantage payments by $125 billion in an effort to cover some of the cost of his health care proposal?

Yes, I support it
No, I oppose this effort
Slow down and debate

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