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Thursday, Dec 02, 2010
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06/23/10 Reversing our Spending Culture - Politico
03/25/10 Barack Obama's approach to the Falklands is Misguided - The Daily Telegraph
03/22/10 The Healthcare bill's bipartisan opposition - OCRegister
03/14/10 'It ain't over 'til it's over' on Health Care - OC Register
02/07/10 Time to Panic About Spending, Debt - OC Register
02/03/10 Obama's $3.8 trillion monstrosity - OC Register
01/25/10 Letter To The Editor: Chrysler Should Do the Right Thing - Automotive News
11/17/09 House health care bill is horrible - OC Register
08/02/09 Confounding America's Ideals - Washington Times
07/27/09 Community Commentary: Health plan won’t help Americans
07/13/09 A Right to Health Care? - OCRegister
06/19/09 Entrepreneurs Will Reinvent GM's Castoffs - IBD Editorial
05/11/09 A Holiday to Invest - The Ripon Forum
04/30/09 A Real Spending Limit is Good for California, Unfortunately Prop 1a isn't one
04/03/09 Obama, Pelosi redefine big spending - OCRegister
01/28/09 An Awful Excuse for a Stimulus Bill
12/16/08 Bold Changes Should Prevent Another Crisis
10/02/08 Plan Will Save Free Market, Not Destroy It - Investor's Business Daily
07/10/08 The Pelosi Premium, Not Worth it
07/01/08 Rep. Campbell: Put brakes to out-of-control spending - OC Register
01/03/08 EPA is right and California is Wrong
11/13/07 Embracing Reagan's Legacy
11/11/07 The Orange Grove: Another year of earmark abuses -- OCRegister
10/10/07 Orange County: Sun, Surf...Slot Machines?-- FlashReport
10/10/07 SCHIP & Subprime -- The California Republic
09/16/07 Global warming blasphemy
03/14/07 Young Hero will not be Forgotten -- OC Metro
03/13/07 The Orange Grove: GOP offers a taxpayer bill of rights -- OCRegister
02/14/07 A Culture of Government -- OC Metro
01/21/07 A 100-hour preview of 2 long years

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