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Press Releases

11/18/2010 - Chairman Reyes Statement on Completion of Committee Investigation

10/28/2010 - Reyes Commits to Enhanced Fiscal Oversight of the Intelligence Community

10/8/2010 - Reyes Statement on the Resignation of General James L. Jones

10/7/2010 - Chairman’s Statement on Enactment of the Intelligence Authorization Bill

9/29/2010 - House Passes Intelligence Authorization Bill

6/23/2010 - Reyes Statement on Selection of Petraeus as Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan

5/20/2010 - Reyes Statement on the Resignation of Director Blair

5/6/2010 - Remarks on the Times Square Bombing Attempt

5/5/2010 - Reyes Statement on Arrest of Times Square Bomber

2/26/2010 - Reyes Statement on House Passage of FY2010 Intelligence Authorization Act

2/3/2010 - Opening Statement of Chairman Silvestre Reyes Hearing on the Intelligence Community’s Annual Threat Assessment

1/20/2010 - House Passes Resolution Honoring CIA Casualties in Khost Attack

1/13/2010 - Reyes Statement Regarding Committee Briefing on Flight 253 Incident

1/7/2010 - Reyes Comments on President’s Preliminary Report on the Attempted Terrorist Attack on Flight 253

12/31/2009 - Reyes Sends Condolences to CIA Family

12/31/2009 - Reyes Comments on Attempted Terrorist Attack on Flight 253

11/17/2009 - Reyes Comments on Postponement of Fort Hood Briefing

11/9/2009 - Reyes Comments on Press Reports related to Ft. Hood Shooting

10/29/2009 - Reyes Introduces Counterterrorism Authorities Improvements Act

10/20/2009 - Intelligence Panel to Hold Hearing on Congressional Notification Requirements

8/24/2009 - Reyes Issues Statement on Release of CIA IG Report and Task Force Findings

8/24/2009 - Schakowsky Statement on CIA IG Report and DoJ Preliminary Review

7/17/2009 - Chairman Reyes Statement on Committee Investigation

7/17/2009 - Reyes, Schakowsky Announce New Subcommittee Staff Director for Oversight and Investigations

7/10/2009 - Reyes Statement on Warrantless Surveillance Program Report

7/8/2009 - Reyes Statement on Recent Correspondence regarding the CIA

6/18/2009 - House Intelligence Committee Authorizes Funds for Intelligence Community

5/29/2009 - Reyes Statement on the President’s Cybersecurity Review

5/21/2009 - Reyes Statement on President Obama’s Speech at the National Archives

5/14/2009 - Reyes Statement on Congressional Notification Reform

5/7/2009 - Reyes Comments on “Resolution of Inquiry” into DHS Report

4/16/2009 - Reyes Responds to Reports Involving NSA

4/16/2009 - Reyes Comments on Release of DOJ OLC Memoranda

3/27/2009 - Reyes Praises President Obama’s Afghanistan and Pakistan Strategy

3/10/2009 - Chairman Reyes Issues Statement Regarding Ambassador Freeman

2/25/2009 - Opening Statement of Chairman Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) House Intelligence Committee Annual Threat Assessment Hearing

2/23/2009 - Intelligence Committee to Hear from DNI on Worldwide Threats

2/12/2009 - Reyes Announces Intelligence Subcommittee Chairs and Membership for the 111th Congress

2/4/2009 - Reyes Welcomes Members to Intelligence Committee

1/9/2009 - Reyes Statement on the Nomination of Admiral Dennis Blair, Leon Panetta, and John Brennan.

1/6/2009 - Reyes Statement on the Selection of Leon Panetta to Serve as the next Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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