Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the online office of the Seventh Congressional District of Georgia. Protecting the personal privacy of individuals who use the Internet is a priority, and this page describes the policies that are designed to safeguard the privacy of the users who visit this site. This office follows the spirit of the Privacy Act which requires that personal information not be shared without your consent.

As an overview, this site keeps general statistics on the number of visitors, what users are looking at while on the site, and what kind of browser that was used. These statistics are used for such purposes as assessing the number of visitors to the different sections of our site, what information is of most and least interest, determining technical design specifications, and identifying system performance or problem areas. The site does not track what you individually view not could it because we have no way of obtaining your name or e-mail address unless you give it to us.

Specifically, when you visit this site, the following information is collected and stored:

Similarly, while the information described above is used for site management purposes to enable us to improve the online service we provide to visitors to this online office, the system also uses a cookie for the sole purpose of ensuring that each person’s vote counts and that the results are not manipulated in our online polls. For example, for each user participating in the online poll, the web browser remembers that you have already voted in that poll.

Unless you choose to provide personal information, we do not collect or maintain personal information about you when you visit our site. If you complete a web form containing personal information, the site collects and stores the personal information that you choose to provide. For example – your mailing address, in an electronic mail message or web form requesting information or commenting on current legislative issues. Information collected in this manner is used solely for information and, in some cases, to respond to you.

For site security purposes this computer system employs software programs to monitor network traffic. Anyone using this system consents to the monitoring of their use by system or security personnel. Unauthorized use, tampering with or modification of this system -- or its supporting hardware or software -- may violate federal or other statutes and may subject the violator to criminal and civil penalties. In the event of unauthorized intrusion, all relevant information regarding possible violation of law may be provided to law enforcement officials.

This web site has links to other useful sites on the Internet, including those of other government agencies, state and county entities and other non-governmental sites. If you follow any link that takes you to a location that does not include house.gov in the address, you have left the House web server. The content, as well as the privacy policies of sites linked from this site, is the sole responsibility of those who maintain that site. Upon visiting those sites, you will need to refer to that site’s privacy policy to determine the privacy policies of that site.

Finally, any email that constitutes a threat is required to be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.