Constituent Services

Staff Information

Georgia Staff

John's Georgia staff will help assist you with federal agencies. The constituent service representatives are often able to cut through government "red tape." For example, John's Georgia staff can secure your Social Security benefits, and the staff has helped veterans collect long-forgotten commendations. In addition, the press secretary handles all media inquiries.

Derick Corbett Chief of Staff
Jennifer Drogus Communications Director
Elena Gabrysh Constituent Service Representative
Deborah Kearns Constituent Services Director
Naomi Pillsbury Constituent Service Representative
Debra Poirot Constituent Services Representative
Annie Valenty District Office Manager
Martin Wattenbarger Constituent Service Representative

Washington, DC Staff

John's staff on Capitol Hill tracks legislation and committee action and fields constituent inquiries about the issues facing Congress, from tax reform to the patient's bill of rights.

Derick Corbett Chief of Staff
Jill Janovetz Senior Legislative Assistant
Kelley Kurtz Scheduler
Michael Mansour Staff Assistant
Janet Rossi Senior Policy Advisor
Blair Scott Legislative Assistant
Sara Showers Counsel
Valentina Valenta Legislative Director