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Helping you is my top priority. My staff and I are here to assist residents of the
5th District with questions or problems you may encounter with the federal government. Please contact my Nashville office at 615-736-5295 for help.

You may also follow the links below for helpful information.

Social Security
Retirement benefits, disability questions, supplemental security income and Medicare.

VA pensions, disability benefits, VA hospital care, home loans, military records, service medals and burial benefits.

Information on applications for citizenship and permanent residency, petitions for relatives and more.

Federal tax-related problems.

Obtain a passport in an emergency.

United States Postal Service
Get help with mail delivery.

In addition, we can help with: Military service problems, student loans, EEOC & Worker's Compensation claims, U.S. Corps of Engineers issues,  disaster assistance and other agencies.

While we can assist you in bringing your case to the attention of the proper officials and guide you through the process, we cannot order an agency to decide a matter in your favor. The agency must make its decision within the framework of the law and its existing rules and regulations. My jurisdiction is limited to federal issues. Cases dealing with state or local government must be addressed by representatives in those areas. My staff can refer you to your state and local officials if you are unsure of who they are. In addition, Members of Congress are prohibited from getting involved in court cases.


Help With Federal Agencies
Do you need help with a federal agency? My office is here for you.

Please click here to see how my office can help you.