Committee Information

The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs reviews veterans' programs, examines current laws, and reports bills and amendments to strengthen existing laws concerning veterans and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), such as for health care, disability compensation, GI bill education and job training, home loan guarantees, life insurance policies, and a nationwide system of veterans' cemeteries.

Veterans' Affairs Subcommittees

Documents and Hearings

Hearing Notices
Hearing schedule for the Full Committee and Subcommittees.
Committee Rules
Rules of procedure for the Committee. (Also available as a PDF)
The functions of the Committee.
Committee Documents
Reports on the activities and administration of the Committee.
History of the Committee
A brief description of the Committee's founding and history of the Department of Veterans' Affairs, this page includes biographies and pictures of past chairmen as well as a history of the Cannon House Office Building, where the Committee is located.