The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Opening Prayer

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Reverend Tom Dore

Gracious Lord,
The members of the United States House of Representatives have been given the awesome responsibility and privilege of the stewardship of governance by the citizens of our country.

They must be truly grateful for the trust placed in them by those same citizens.

Today, I ask for your gift of wisdom, right judgment and hearts and minds open to your spirit.

I pray for the spirit of cooperation and collaboration as they seek to guide our country as it faces the many significant challenges both nationally and internationally.

Although there may be differences on how to accomplish specific goals, the members of the House must always keep in mind the inspiring vision of our founders; the common good of the people they serve.

Gracious and loving God, be with them in their deliberations for without your help and guidance the deliberations may prove limited and disappointing.