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Democrats Play Politics, Ignore Economy
Americans are begging Congress to use the lame-duck session to focus on jobs and the economy. Unfortunately, Democrats would rather play politics and consider special-interest legislation than take action to prevent tax hikes, lower the deficit, and spur job growth.

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Dems Still Didn’t Hear You
As Tax Hikes Loom, Dems Discuss Filibuster Rules, FDA Reorganization, Immigration, And Judges AP: “Democrats, On Borrowed Time As The Majority Party In Congress After A Shellacking At The ...
Senate GOP Letter To Majority Leader Reid On Congressional Priorities
Dems’ Dial Tested Tax Hike
Health Law Now Hammers Its Largest Advocate
Dem Tax Proposal Based On Politics Not Economics
Fact Check: VP On Premiums And Dropped Coverage
Ghailani Case: “A Close Call”
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The Senate is in session.
The Senate is in morning business. Republican senators continue to focus on creating jobs, lowering the deficit, and replacing the Democrats’ health care bill with reforms that will actually lower costs.
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05:53 PM: Floor -- McCaskill, Alexander, Schumer
05:19 PM: Floor -- Udall (NM), Stabenow, Barrasso
04:35 PM: Floor -- Brown (OH), Stabenow, Begich
12:52 PM: Floor -- Isakson, Leahy (The Senate Stands in Recess)
Barrasso: Delegation: Senators draw line in the sand
Chambliss, Isakson to Democrats: Address Expiring Tax Cuts Immediately
Cornyn: Senate Republicans Send Letter To Majority Leader Reid On Congressional Priorities
Vitter Blasts Administration Drilling Ban in Eastern Gulf, Along Atlantic Coast
Senator LeMieux Statement on Hanukkah
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The Hill: Senate GOP vows to halt action in lame-duck session until tax deal
Nashville City Paper: Alexander votes to amend health care law section requirement
MSNBC: GOP to block all bills until tax cuts are addressed
Fox News: Senate Republicans Vow to Block Dem Legislation Until Tax Cuts, Budget Pass
Roll Call: Senate GOP Pledges to Block All Bills but Tax and Budget
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