Indiana's First Congressional District includes Lake, Porter, Jasper, Newton and Benton Counties, and I am honored to represent this unique and diverse area in the House of Representatives.

I am proud to work on issues that affect the lives of people in Northwest Indiana, such as fighting for American jobs, protecting our pensions and retirement security, and reducing our nation's dependence on foreign oil. I also want to hear from you. Please contact me via phone or email to share your opinion on issues that matter to you.

Thank you,


My Voting Record

Listed below are my five(5) most recent votes:

12-1 595 H RES 1724 Yea
12-1 594 H RES 1217 Aye
12-1 593 H J RES 101 Yea
12-1 592 H RES 1430 Aye
12-1 591 H RES 1735 Aye

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