• Smith on the Tax and Spend Democrats

    Democrats in Congress won't tell the American people how much they will raise their taxes. They're going to wait until after the election when we come back into session. The American people have had enough. It's time to end the one party monopoly in Washington.

  • Smith: Immigration Tide Has Turned Against Obama

    The immigration tide has turned against the administration. Fifty percent of Democrats and 87 percent of Republicans now agree that immigration reform should "move in the direction of...stricter enforcement of laws against illegal immigration."

  • Rep. Smith confronts Administration on lax enforcement of drug laws

    On Fox News Happening Now, Congressman Lamar Smith talks about how the Administration is backing down from enforcing federal drug laws.

  • Smith: It's Time to End the One Party Monopoly in Washington

    Twenty million people are out of work or have given up looking for work. Contrary to history and common sense, the Democratic Party actually thinks that raising taxes is going to create jobs. How bad does it have to get before voters say we've had enough? It's time to end the one party monopoly in Washington.

  • Media Fairness Caucus: Americans Don't Believe the Media's Reporting

    Most Americans don't believe the national media's reporting, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. And with good reason. A total of 17 journalists have left a national media outlet to join either the Obama Administration or a liberal organization, according to the Media Research Center.

  • KABB-FOX: San Antonio residents gather to remember 9/11

    I was honored to join San Antonio residents in commemorating 9/11 at the newly renovated memorial on the campus of the New Life Christian Center

  • KSAT: San Antonio Police receive grant to upgrade technology

    The San Antonio police was awarded a federal grant for video upgrades; these kinds of improvements will help the police protect the lives and property of San Antonio citizens.

  • Smith: Time to Reclaim our Country

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