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American Diabetes Month

November 30, 2010



Information from the TSA--Pat Downs & Advanced Imaging Technology

November 22, 2010

What to expect as you go through security: 

You will be directed to pass through either a magnetometer OR an Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) unit.

 If you pass through a magnetometer and the alarm is triggered, you will receive a thorough pat-down by someone of the same gender. 

If you are directed to pass through an AIT, you may opt out. 

If you choose to opt out, you will receive a thorough pat-down by someone of the same gender. In either case where a pat-down is required, you have important rights that we want you to be aware of: 

You have the RIGHT to request that the pat-down be conducted in a private room.

You have the RIGHT to have the pat-down witnessed by a person of your choice.


Are AIT machines safe?

 Yes. Advanced imaging technology screening is safe for all passengers- including pregnant women and children- and has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, National Institute for Standards and Technology and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. All results confirm that this technology is safe. A person receives more radiation naturally each hour than from one screening with a backscatter unit. In fact a traveler is exposed to less radiation from one AIT scan than from two minutes of an airline flight. 


Can individuals with internal medical devices go through AIT machines?

 Absolutely. AIT is safe for all passengers including those with medical devices. 


Can AIT machines detect powered explosives or gels?  

Advanced imaging technology can detect both metallic threats – which a metal detector would pick up – and non-metallic threats – which a metal detector would not pick up. This includes explosive material that can take the form of powders, liquids and gels and be used in an improvised explosive device made up completely of non-metallic material.


What privacy protections are in place for AIT screening?

TSA ensures the privacy of the public through the following measures: All images generated by imaging technology are viewed in a walled-off location that is not visible to the public. The officer assisting the passenger cannot view the image, and the officer viewing the image never sees the passenger. Imaging technology in airports cannot store, export, print, or transmit images. All images are deleted from the system after they are reviewed by the remotely located operator. The operator cannot view the next image until the previous one is deleted. TSA has implemented additional privacy features that blur certain areas on all images. No cameras, cellular telephones, or any device capable of capturing an image is permitted in the resolution room. If an officer uses such a device he/she would be fired.


Will everyone receive a pat down?

The best way to be prepared at the checkpoint is to remove everything from your pockets prior to screening. Also, if you have a hidden medical device, you may want to bring it to the officer’s attention before screening.  Passengers may receive a pat-down to resolve alarms at the checkpoint; if a passenger opts out of advanced imaging technology screening; or if an anomaly is detected during screening with advanced imaging technology. Pat-downs are conducted by same gender officers and all passengers have the right to request private screening at any time in the screening process.



Congressional Internships Available

November 9, 2010

Congressman Lee Terry seeks an intern to work in his Washington, D.C. office.  The ideal candidate will have immediate availability, though students unable to begin until January will be considered.  A qualified applicant must have Nebraska ties.  This position will provide the opportunity to attend committee hearings, conduct research and experience all aspects of work in a Congressional office.  Administrative duties include answering the phone, sorting mail and other tasks assigned.  The start date and hours are flexible.  A candidate should be a current undergraduate or recent college graduate.  Students may apply by sending his or her cover letter, resume and writing samples to


Terry honored with 'Guardian of Seniors' Award

October 25, 2010

Congressman Lee Terry has been awarded the 'Guardian of Seniors' award by the 60 Plus Association.  National spokesperson Pat Boone had this to say about Congressman Terry's strong support of seniors: 

"Lee Terry can always be counted on to protect Social Security and Medicare.  Lee Terry will be a tax cutter, protecting the pocket books of senior citizens.  60 Plus calls on nearly 5.5 million seniors nationally for support, so I believe I can speak on behalf of seniors when I say that they can count on Lee Terry.  Clearly, seniors will have no finer friend in Congress than Lee Terry."  

The Association's Guardian Award is presented to Democrats and Republicans in Congress based on their "senior friendly" voting records.  The Award is given to those running for office and is based on their views on issues of importance to seniors.


Congressman Terry Participates in Green School Summit at UNL

October 22, 2010

On Friday, October 22nd, Congressman Lee Terry participated in the Green School Summit at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.  The Green School Summit was a gathering of teachers, students, parents, administrators, school board members, faculty, government, architects, engineers and industry leaders to discuss strategies for creating more energy efficient, innovative and healthy schools.  Congressman Terry, as a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, shared information about federal activities related to renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Click here for a Congressional Research Report describing federal programs that provide grants, loans, loan guarantees, and other regulatory incentives for energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy.


Terry: Just Stop the Spending

October 18, 2010

WASHINGTON- Congressman Lee Terry issued the following statement in response to media reports which indicate Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to ram through a pork-filled $1 trillion omnibus spending bill during a Lame Duck session.

“Once again, Speaker Pelosi has ignored the will of the people and is pressing for more irresponsible spending,” said Congressman Terry.  “She’s now going to use a lame-duck session to her full advantage by ramming through yet another massive and wasteful spending bill.  We’ve seen no budget and no appropriation bills were allowed to come to the floor for debate.  Now, Speaker Pelosi wants to spend another trillion dollars of taxpayer money when our national debt is $13.6 trillion and our deficit so far this year is $1.3 trillion.  Just stop the spending in Washington, continue the Bush tax cuts, and work to balance the federal budget.”


Terry: "Job Numbers No Surprise"

October 8, 2010

WASHINGTON- Congressman Lee Terry issued the following statement on today’s disappointing unemployment numbers:

"Today’s job numbers come as no surprise as our economy continues to sputter. President Obama has assured us that our country is headed in the right direction. Really? The stimulus has failed, the new health care law has caused a massive amount of uncertainty and Speaker Pelosi failed to let Congress vote on much needed tax cuts before rushing her party home to campaign. President Obama’s economy compass is broke, because this is definitely not the right direction for our great country. We must stop the spending, cut taxes and give businesses the confidence that the government is working with them, not against them."


Terry Appears on "Mid American Money"

October 4 , 2010

Mid-American Money October 2010 from Creighton College of Business on Vimeo.

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