Welcome to my new Website

As you can see, my website has undergone a major facelift. My new site should be easier for you to navigate, and I hope you enjoy new interactive features, including Facebook, Twitter and Steve's Blog on what's happening in Washington, the district and the world.  When I arrived in Washington in 1995, most congressional offices didn't use the Internet much, and web sites and e-mail seemed like a plot from a science fiction novel. We received almost all information by fax or in stacks of paper hand-delivered to the office, including bills that were thousands of pages long.  It is hard to remember the world when gathering information was such a chore.  Now, anything under the sun is just a click away.

With the Internet, anyone can read a newspaper, watch a newscast or congressional hearing from anywhere in the world, and watch live as your representatives and senators cast votes on legislation.  In addition, you now have access to legislation and laws online and can search by keyword, so if you're interested in Medicare provisions in the new health care law you can find them with ease rather than reading more than 2,000 pages. We no longer wait to get our news from the morning paper or evening network news, and news and information is available around the clock. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the technological advances, and I hope the new design of my website makes it easier for you to access information and seek help for my office.  Please let me know if you have suggestions or concerns.  It's an honor to represent you.

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