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HR 4753 - Claims Resolution Act of 2010

House Chamber, Washington, D.C., November 30, 2010.  Full Text.

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Mr. Speaker:  Titles 3 through 6 of the bill purport to settle four water rights claims against the United States...
By Congressman Tom McClintock  More than a year ago, Pollster Frank Luntz stood before a group of about 40 House Republicans...
El Dorado Hills, California, October 25, 2010.  In a moment of breathtaking condescension during the debate over ObamaCare, Nancy Pelosi said,...
Congressman Tom McClintock announced that Community Recovery Resources, Inc.– a substance abuse and mental health services agency in Grass Valley,...
Auburn, California.  September 27, 2010.  Thank you all for coming today. The purpose of today’s hearing is to air this...

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