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Sherman Op-Ed on IRS

By Brad Sherman and Michael Conaway

The Wall Street Journal
August 26, 2010

The IRS is out to do something nice for us by ensuring we get quality help when we hire someone to prepare our tax returns. Unfortunately, parts of this laudable effort may be too much of a good thing. By going too far, too fast with more regulation than necessary, the IRS will add needless burden and expense. The agency's goals could be achieved more cheaply and efficiently without stretching its enforcement resources so thin.

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Sherman Op-Ed on Economic Recovery

Christian Science Monitor
January 6, 2009

Washington - These days, a modern depression seems almost within the realm of possibility. To avert this, we need an enormous, immediate stimulus. But unless it's well designed, it may not pass Congress; it may not achieve its objectives; or worse, it may sow the seeds of a disastrous decline in the dollar's value.

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