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Portrait of Rep. Collin Peterson Congressman Collin Peterson -- Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District
photos from Minnesota's Seventh District
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Hutchinson Senior Care Awarded Funds For Senior Care Facility (09/30/2010)

Peterson co-sponsors bill to reduce red tape for small business (09/28/10)

Peterson Announces Grants For Flood Damage (09/28/10)

Peterson Receives Guardian of Small Business Award (09/27/10)

Peterson Co-sponsors Bill to Correct and Streamline GI Bill (09/20/10)

Minnesota Schools Earn Blue Ribbon Status (09/09/10)

Klobuchar, Franken, Peterson Announce $1.7 Million for Airports in Western Minnesota (08/13/10)

Action Manufacturing of Marshall meets with VA, Sportsmen's groups in DC (07/29/10)

Peterson praises Wall Street reform law (07/21/10)

Peterson says new rules for PTSD veterans an important step forward (07/13/10)

Klobuchar, Franken, Oberstar, Peterson, Walz Announce Presidential Declaration For Minnesota Counties (07/02/10)

Peterson pays tribute to Korean War veterans on 60th anniversary of the Korean War (07/01/10)

Peterson applauds Supreme Court decision in McDonald v. Chicago (06/30/10)

Peterson views tornado damage (06/21/10)

Rasmusson to serve as page for U.S. House (06/10/10)

Peterson statement on health care vote (03/21/10)

Peterson calls for bipartisan action against the EPA (03/02/10)

Peterson Introduces "Disapproval Resolution" in the House (02/26/10)

Todd, Cass, Crow Wing and Morrison Counties to receive increased broadband access (02/23/10)

Peterson sponsors legislation to restrict the EPA (02/02/10)

Peterson announces Secretary Vilsack's attendance at 2010 Home Grown Economy conference (02/01/10)

Peterson's Statement on the President's State of the Union Address (01/28/10)

Peterson announces AURI grant for small businesses (01/22/10)

Peterson announces 2010 Home Grown Economy conference (01/05/10)

Peterson Asks Supreme Court to Uphold Second Amendment Rights (11/25/09)

Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants Awarded in 7th District (11/17/09)

Peterson Statement on Health Care (11/7/09)

Peterson-sponsored Beilke bill passes the House (11/04/09)

Peterson Sponsoring Third Home Grown Economy Conference (10/26/09)

Peterson announces Minnesota specialty crop grant awards (10/16/09)

Pioneer Home to receive USDA loans for new construction (10/14/09)

Peterson assists TRF Hospital with dialysis unit (10/06/09)

Peterson Announces Red River Basin Commission Awarded Agricultural Water Enhancement Funds (8/17/09)

Peterson Announces Becker County DAC will get new bus (8/14/09)

Peterson To Host Health Care Meetings (8/12/09)    

Peterson Op-Ed: Amendments to Climate Change Bill Were Necessary (07/16/09)

Glencoe Airport Receives Federal Designation (07/10/09)

Peterson Introduces Legislation To Name Alex VA Clinic After Max Beilke (07/09/09)

Peterson Announces Rural Emergency Responder Funding in Climax, Deer Creek and Sunburg (05/22/09)

Roseau Flood Control Project Will Move Forward With Stimulus Funds (04/28/09)

Peterson meets with President Obama on Minnesota Flood Situation (03/25/09)


FY 2011 Project Requests

Congressman Peterson's FY11 appropriations project requests


Home Grown Economy 2010

On February 15-16, Congressman Peterson hosted a two-day conference on community based foods.  USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke alongside other guests.  Check here for details.

The Ag Committee

For information about my work with the Agriculture Committee, please click here to visit the Committee's website.

H1N1 Flu

Questions about the H1N1 flu? The Center for Disease Control has answers.

Flood Recovery

Check here for information about the flood recovery.

FY 2010 Project Requests

Congressman Peterson's 2010 WRDA project requests

Congressman Peterson's 2010 appropriations project requests

Congressman Peterson's 2010 SAFETEA-LU project requests

Sustainable Agriculture and the Farm Bill

Congressman Peterson recently hosted a  meeting on organic, locally grown and sustainable agriculture programs in the 2008 Farm Bill.

The full agenda

Presentation materials:

The Stimulus

Check here for information on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  

International Travel Information

Traveling to Canada or another country?  Check here for information on what you will need.  


Spotlight on


Farm Bill in Brief

Previewing 2007 Farm Bill

Renewable Energy Production 

Ethanol & Biofuels

Committee on Agriculture


New Direction: Energy


New Direction: Making College More Affordable

Health Care & Medicare Reform

Peterson Statement on Health Care

Peterson To Host Health Care Meetings

New Direction: Affordable Health Care



New Direction: Economy 


7th District Highway Projects

Social Security / Retirement 

New Direction: Retirement Security

Water Resources

Military & Veterans Affairs

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