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Welcome to my website. I am excited to share with you my work on behalf of South Florida. As your voice in Washington, please know my door is always open to you.

I hope this site can help us stay in touch, whether it be through my email newsletters or connecting on Facebook or Twitter.

Please feel free to write me or send an email. Knowing where you stand is important to me. It is an honor to serve you and your family in Congress.


  • Congress in the Classroom

    Ted talks civics with students at Equestrian Trails Elementary School in Wellington as part of his "Congress in the Classroom," initiative.

  • Providing Access to Affordable Health Care

    With thousands of low-income families in Florida eligible for Medicaid but not enrolled, Ted holds an enrollment fair at the Lord's Place in West Palm Beach.

  • Caring for 9/11 First Responders

    Ted argues for passage of adequate health care funding for the police officers, firefighters, and emergency workers who served at Ground Zero.

  • Growing South Florida's Economy

    Ted voted for the COMPETES Act, legislation that would grow the economy by investing in technological innovation and research. Here, he visits Florida Turbine Technologies.

  • Thwarting Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program

    At a panel hosted by the Foundation for Defending Democracy, Ted discusses how the Iranian nuclear program threatens national security and unveils his bill to strengthen sanctions against Iran.

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  • Congressman Deutch Supports Small Business Tax Cuts

    Rep. Deutch calls on Republicans to end their obstruction of legislation providing tax cuts and better loans to small businesses.

  • Deutch Fights for Job Creation Initiatives

    Deutch supports initiatives to spur job growth and reinvigorate America's manufacturing sector.

  • Rep. Deutch Defends Social Security from Republican Attacks

    Rep. Ted Deutch, a champion for the health and financial security of America's retirees, took to the floor of the House to defend Social Security against Republican privatization efforts.

  • Rep. Deutch Calls for Unemployment Extension at Workforce Alliance in West Palm Beach

    Congressman Deutch visits a local career center to highlight consequences of a GOP filibuster against extending unemployment benefits (Source: WPTV Channel 5)

  • Rep. Ted Deutch rocks out with Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees

    Rep. Ted Deutch, Rep. Tom Rooney, and Rep. Joe Crowley play "I'm a Believer" with Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees in support of the Performance Rights Act.

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Top News Story

Deutch Releases Statement in Honor of America's Veterans

Nov 11, 2010

"There is no group of Americans more deserving of our recognition, our gratitude, and our devotion than our nation’s veterans. South Florida is a community that many of our nation’s veterans call home, and working on behalf of them in Congress is a tremendous honor. Paying tribute to our nation’s he... read more.

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