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Activity Booklet
Target Age Group: K-2nd grade students

Project Duration: 1-2 days

Objectives: Familiarize young children with basic imagery and terminology associated with the U.S. Capitol and Congress

Vocabulary/Symbols: House Chamber, Mace, Flag, House Seal, Bronze Fasces, Laurel Wreath, Lawgivers, cornucopia, eagle, stars

Materials: 8.5x11 and/or 11x17 paper, printer, writing utensils, crayons, scissors

All activities can be downloaded and printed in PDF format. The majority of the pages can be printed on 8.5x11 paper. The House Chamber and Capitol Cap activities require 11x17 paper and the Stickers (for use in House Chamber decoration) require Avery 5660 Clear Mailing Labels for laser printers.

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bulletDownload Complete Activity Booklet

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This 10-page activity booklet includes coloring pages, a word puzzle, and a maze. The booklet can be printed on regular 8.5x11 paper. Please download the House Chamber, Stickers, and the Capitol Cap activities listed under "Other Fun" to obtain the complete booklet. These 3 activities require special paper.

bulletDownload Individual Activities
All pages are in PDF format and can be printed on regular 8.5 x 11 paper unless otherwise indicated.

Coloring Pages
A. Bill
The Mace
U.S. Capitol
U.S. Flag

Puzzle Pages
Capitol Maze

Other Fun
Decorate the House Chamber (PDF, 11x17) | Stickers (MS Word document, 8.5x11 labels)
Capitol Cap (PDF, 11x17)

Parents & Teachers
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Did You Know?
A Little Known Fact
The Clerk is in charge of the display of fine arts in the House and House wing of the Capitol! Learn more in Time Warp: Art.

Check This Out!
Take a Trip!
Find your state statue! Go on a Field Trip to Statuary Hall.

Glossary Terms
Key Words
Use the glossary to learn key terms.

Joint Resolution
Roll Call

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