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What does the clerk do?
At the beginning of each new Congress, the House adopts the Rules of the House. The Rules of the House state all the official rules of the House of Representatives and describe the duties of the House Officers, including the Clerk.

In summary, the Clerk:

books graphiccheckmarkCalls Members to order at the beginning of each new Congress.

checkmarkDetermines who is present at the first meeting of a new Congress.

checkmarkKeeps the official record of all House votes.

checkmarkPrepares, prints and distributes the official list of elected Members of the House of Representatives.

checkmarkPrepares, prints, and distributes for Congress a list of official reports.

checkmarkPrepares, prints, and distributes the House Journal, a record of House Floor events, at the end of each Congressional session.

House seal graphiccheckmarkMaintains and runs the official library of House books, documents, and records.

checkmarkAttaches the official seal of the House to all formal House documents.

checkmarkReceives messages from the President and Senate when the House is not in session.

checkmarkPrepares and delivers messages from the House to the Senate.

checkmarkManages vacant House offices until new Members are elected.

checkmarkCertifies the passing of all House bills and Joint Resolutions.

picture frame graphic

checkmarkMaintains the display of fine art in the House wing of the Capitol, House office buildings, and other locations under the authority of the House.

checkmarkPrints and distributes the calendars of House Floor activity.

checkmarkAdministers the House Page Program.

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Find out if there is a Clerk in your own State legislature. Some state government websites are listed in the Parents and Teachers section.

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The Clerk is in charge of the display of fine arts in the House and House wing of the Capitol! Learn more in Time Warp: Art.

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Find your state statue! Go on a Field Trip to Statuary Hall.

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