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Qureshi, Edwards Named Permanent Deputy CAOs

The Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives, Dan Beard, today named Ali Qureshi and Walt Edwards permanent Deputy CAOs. The two men had been serving in acting positions before being permanently assigned their new roles.

On June 20 Qureshi temporarily took over for departing Deputy CAO Dan Doody, who left the House on June 20 to pursue a corporate position. Qureshi, who has been employed with the CAO for the last five years, was previously the Director of the CAO Advance Business Solutions (CABS). His office is scheduled to be moved from the basement of the Ford House Office Building to the Immediate Office on the second floor.

Edwards, who started with the House in 1999, has permanently assumed the position formerly occupied by Helene Flanagan, who was reassigned by Beard to head-up the logistics for the upcoming Member “transition.” Prior to his new assignment, Edwards was the Assistant CAO for Assets, Furnishing and Logistics.

“These two men truly embody what this organization stands for,” said Beard. “They both understand that quality customer service is paramount and they have a ‘can do’ mentality that I prize in my senior managers. I am confident that all of our employees will benefit under their direction.”

Qureshi said he welcomes the breadth of responsibility he will have in his new role. “I really welcome the challenge of this new position,” he said. “I am excited to start solving complex issues that have a broader impact on our organization, rather than just focusing exclusively on technology issues.”

Qureshi said one of his primary “Day 1” objectives is to begin improving the lines of communications throughout the CAO staff and to foster more cohesiveness through all lines of business.

“I am honored by the confidence Dan has expressed in me,” said Edwards. “One of my first goals is to really make some of our core values part of everyone’s playbook, to really get everyone on the same page and unify our employees behind a mission statement that will spell success for them and their clients.”

Qureshi, who grew up in the D.C. area, currently lives in Ashburn, VA with his wife and two boys. Edwards has seven adult children and 13 grandchildren. He and his wife currently reside in Arlington, VA.

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