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bulletA. Bill's Glossary Crossword
Use A. Bill’s crossword puzzle to help students learn terms related to the U.S. House of Representatives.

bulletPresidents & Representatives
Students can test their knowledge of U.S. Presidents who also served as U.S. Representatives by matching each U.S. Presidents to the correct description.

bulletThe State of the Union Address worksheet
Students will gain an understanding of the State of the Union address and its history.

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Did You Know?
A Little Known Fact
The Clerk is in charge of the display of fine arts in the House and House wing of the Capitol! Learn more in Time Warp: Art.

Check This Out!
Take a Trip!
Find your state statue! Go on a Field Trip to Statuary Hall.

Glossary Terms
Key Words
Use the glossary to learn key terms.

Joint Resolution
Roll Call

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