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CAO Allows Current Ford Cafeteria Vendor to Remain Until September 2008

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) announced today that it would allow the Skenteris family to operate the Ford House Office Building Cafeteria until September 2008. A new vendor, Restaurant Associates (RA), was slated to take over operations as of February 2008, but has agreed to delay operational control of the facility until the Fall.

The CAO had the contractual right to terminate the Skenteris contract six months before it expired but, after considering an appeal from the family-owned business, decided to let the vendor remain in order to assist them with their transition out of the Ford Building.

“Our decision to bring in RA was not a hasty one, but one made after a painstaking two-year evaluation which included listening carefully to what House employees at the Ford Building were telling us they wanted from a food services vendor,” said CAO spokesperson Jeff Ventura. “That is not to say we do not appreciate the commitment and service the Skenteris family has shown the House community through the years. We wish them well with their other operations and new business ventures.”

All parties in this matter formally agreed to the resolution.

“Those employees in the Ford House Office Building should understand that Restaurant Associates will certainly be their food vendor in September of next year,” added Ventura. “But the CAO is committed to a fair and equitable transition period and we thank all employees in the Ford Building for their patience surrounding this issue.”

Jeff Ventura
Director of Communications
Office of the Chief Administrative Officer United States House of Representatives 202-226-5680 202-360-0450 (Blackberry)