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Restaurant Associates Set To Take Over Ford House Office Building Cafeteria

Eatery and carry-out store to be comparable to operations in Rayburn, Longworth, Cannon

The Ford House Office Building cafeteria and carry-out store will be managed by New York-based Restaurant Associates ( as of September 22, 2008.

The company, which is the selected vendor in all other House eateries, will close the Ford House Office Building cafeteria from September 16 – 19 for remodeling. The new venues will comply with Speaker Pelosi’s Green the Capitol Initiative and will no longer sell beverages in Styrofoam cups, or packaging and utensils that do not biodegrade. Like other food service facilities throughout the House, the Ford cafeteria will also feature a composting operation that will divert all food waste from landfills to area composting facilities.

“This changeover will continue to reduce our carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment by including the Ford House Office Building in the Green the Capitol Initiative,” said Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard. “I am pleased to offer our employees there the same great food and service now being enjoyed up-campus.”

The new facilities will also be wired into the QuickPay system, allowing Ford House Office Building employees to pay for their meals, snacks and store purchases using “debit” cards they can fund through an easy-to-use website and at kiosk stations located throughout the Capitol.

Restaurant Associates is planning to design the carry-out store to be similar to “Goodies,” located in the Longworth Building.

The new Ford cafeteria will offer a “global station,” which will feature a rotating selection of cuisines from various countries. They will also install the popular “taqueria” station as well as a standard selection of “comfort foods.” Made-to-order sandwiches will also be featured daily, as well as a grill, deli and salad bar.

The proposed hours of operation, while not confirmed, would open the cafeteria from 7:30 am until 2:30 pm, and the carry-out store from 9 am until 4 pm.

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