December 11, 2008
Casework - StepOne

Step One of Three

Consumer Protection Information & Requirements

Many Americans are faced with problems concerning consumer purchases, utilities, Internet, communications, credit and credit reporting, warranties on consumer goods, and other consumer concerns. These issues come under local, state and federal agencies. If you have problems with any consumer situations, contact your local officials for the quickest resolution. If you do not get resolution to your problem after contacting the state and local officials, contact Congressman Crenshaw and he will inquire with the proper agency about your concerns and assist in getting answers for your situation.


Determine if your concerns are with the federal government or the state of Florida

If your problem or issue is with the federal government, send the Privacy Act form, which you can complete and print in Step Two, and/or a letter to Congressman Crenshaw asking for assistance. Be sure to sign the letter and include your address and daytime phone number.

Send the Privact Act form and/or letter to the Jacksonville office of Congressman Crenshaw along with any additional information you may have regarding your case.

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