December 11, 2008
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Crenshaw Tours Operations and Facilities at Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

May 12, 2008

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Last Friday, Congressman Ander Crenshaw traveled to Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to tour vital facilities and operations there. “This base is a strategic and irreplaceable asset being used in our national defense, both for operations in the Caribbean, South America, and in the War on Terror,” said Rep. Crenshaw.

As a part of SOUTHCOM, Guantanamo is strategically connected with Naval Station Mayport. The recent stand-up of the 4th Fleet with U.S. Naval Forces South at Mayport will continue the close operational relationship between these two bases.

 “As a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction, it’s important to come down and see what the taxpayers’ money is being used for.  I also want to ensure that this base has the same quality of life facilities as our Navy bases in Jacksonville and other Navy communities,” said Crenshaw.

There is presently over $84 million dollars in funding that Congress is considering, which would be used to construct new family housing and other facilities.  At this time, Navy families are living in out of date, 40 year old homes.  

Crenshaw added, “Our servicemen and women give us their best, and I am committed to ensuring that they receive America’s best.”

As a part of the tour, Congressman Crenshaw also toured the enemy combatant detention centers, called Camp Delta.  He received briefings regarding the treatment and status of the detainees.  

“In every war nations have the right, under the international law of war, to detain captured enemy personnel until the conclusion of the war.  That is precisely what we are doing at Guantanamo Bay,” remarked Crenshaw.

Detainees have a regimented diet that meets all cultural and dietary requirements. They are given 6 daily menus to choose from, and meal times are adjusted for religious holidays.  All detainees are housed in individual, climate controlled cells and are provided basic uniforms.  They also are given top-level medical treatment comparable to what U.S. military personnel receive.

“JTF (Join Task Force) Guantanamo Bay is the most transparent detention center in the world,” said Rep. Crenshaw.  “It’s crucial that we treat these individuals humanely, and it is also important that we keep them off the battlefield, in their effort to kill Americans worldwide.”

Just last week, a former detainee who was transferred to the Kuwaiti government was involved in a suicide bombing that killed over 20 Iraqis.


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