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United States House of Representatives Radio-Television Correpondents' Gallery
United States House of Representatives Radio-Television Correspondents' Gallery podium in the Gallery
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Rules and Procedures for Broadcast Coverage of Congress

Congress requires that all members of the electronic media covering news events on Capitol Hill be accredited by the Radio-Television Correspondents' Galleries. A credential issued by either gallery is good throughout the Congressional complex. Gallery credentials must be displayed while working inside the Capitol complex or on the Capitol grounds. Out-of-town reporters, not eligible for regular membership to the Galleries, should contact the House or Senate Gallery staffs to acquire temporary credentials. The House Gallery number is (202) 225-5214. The Senate Gallery number is (202) 224-6421.

Rules of Congress prohibit Gallery members from engaging in lobbying, advertising, publicity, or promotion work for any individual, corporation, organization or government.

Only current Members of Congress and the Vice President may be interviewed in the House and Senate Gallery studios or booths.

Videotaping and stake-outs inside the Capitol and the Congressional Office Buildings require permission and are prohibited in some areas. Check with the appropriate Gallery for clearance. Crews may not videotape while walking in front of or behind a subject anywhere inside the Capitol Complex.

There are predesignated locations outside and inside which may be used at any time by members of the Gallery for standups or interviews. (See Designated Standup Areas.) Shooting video on the Capitol Grounds with a tripod requires permission, except in the predesignated locations. Check with the appropriate Gallery for details. Shooting video outside with portable equipment is generally unrestricted unless it impedes the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Shooting video in some areas on or near the steps on the East Front of the Capitol is restricted.

Coverage of House and Senate hearings must be arranged through the appropriate Gallery. Pool coverage of hearings may be mandated in cases of heavily attended hearings.

Specific Rules

Using the Gallery