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Health care is consistently one of the top issues raised at the listening sessions I hold in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties every year. Wisconsinites know that the health care system in this country needs dramatic improvement. Forty-seven million Americans are uninsured and countless others are underinsured.

Employer-sponsored health care is dwindling, while insurance premiums and the number of uninsured Americans are rising. With these skyrocketing costs, businesses are no longer able to keep up and in too many cases employers are left to offer sub-par benefits or sometimes none at all.

All Americans deserve adequate health care and it is far past time for Congress to take action on this pressing issue. I have tried to get Congress to finally address the need for health care reform by sponsoring the Reform Health Care Now Act with Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Our bipartisan bill would require Congress to consider reform legislation.

In a continuing effort to break the logjam that is preventing Congress from acting on health care reform, I introduced with Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) the State Based Health Care Reform Act, which offers an American-style approach to health care reform.

Under our plan, the federal government would help a few states provide health insurance for all their citizens, but leave it up to those states to decide how they want to go about it. Rather than directing states to implement a specific health-care system, the bill provides a flexible approach that allows states to try innovative ways of achieving universal coverage. This approach would encourage the flexibility and creativity that can finally get us to a national guarantee of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

I have also worked closely with Governor Doyle and the Wisconsin congressional delegation in pressuring the Administration to grant a waiver extension for the SeniorCare program. The Administration’s denial of the SeniorCare waiver is unacceptable, and I will continue to ensure SeniorCare continues.

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