Sheldon Whitehouse

Issue Spotlight

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Supporting Rhode Island's Working Families

Rhode Islanders, like families across the nation, are experiencing economic anxieties the likes of which we have not seen in a generation. We need to attack the problem of our floundering economy on two fronts: we must reexamine our failed trade policies, and we must give relief to middle-class families.

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Health Care

Fixing our Broken Health Care System

I believe that we can, and must, reform the underlying mechanisms of our health care system, and expand access to health insurance for all Americans. The first three bills I introduced as a U.S. Senator focused on making the health care system work more efficiently and provide better-quality care - critically important changes that I believe will help speed the way to the broader health care reform our country needs.

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Bringing Our Troops Home from Iraq

As I’ve talked with Rhode Islanders at community dinners and events all across the states, one issue is on people’s minds almost more than any other: the war in Iraq. I believe it’s time to bring our troops home from Iraq, and at every opportunity, I have voted to pressure President Bush to change course.

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Civil Liberties

Standing Up for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law

This Administration has made clear its view that the President stands above the law and may disregard our time-tested system of a government of checks and balances. As a former state and federal prosecutor, my experience has taught me that we can keep Americans safe without sacrificing our civil liberties. That’s why I’ve worked hard to stand up to President Bush’s abuses of power.

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